Code of Conduct

The Rockford Park District insists that all participants and spectators comply with the following Code of Conduct. All participants and spectators shall:

  • Show respect to all participants, spectators, staff and volunteers
  • Follow program rules and take direction from staff
  • Refrain from using abusive or foul language, arguing, fighting, or any other form of harassment or intimidation
  • Follow the safety rules and other guidelines
  • Show respect for equipment, supplies, and facilities
  • Not display gang jewelry, clothing, symbols, hand signs, etc. The Rockford Park District is a "neutral zone" and these displays are prohibited.
  • Not bring weapons onto District property or into its programs
  • Not take things that don't belong to them
  • Report any inappropriate or illegal conduct to District staff or Park Police

The District recognizes that not everyone will follow this Code of Conduct. To help make the District's facilities and programs fun, safe and enjoyable for everyone, we will enforce this code. A positive approach will be used regarding discipline. Staff will periodically review rules and expectations with participants during program sessions. If inappropriate behavior occurs, a prompt resolution will be sought specific to each individual's situation. The District reserves the right to dismiss anyone whose behavior endangers his or her own safety or the safety of others.


For the Rockford Park District to be the best urban park and recreation system in North America, as measured by national standards and the citizens we serve.


To 'help people enjoy life' by providing a quality park and recreation system.

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