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Committed to Your Safety and Security

The Rockford Park District Police coordinate their efforts so that all of you can safely enjoy our parks, facilities and programs.

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 815.966.2900
Community Services: 815.987.8874

Command Staff

t glover

Theo Glover

Chief of Police

Teri 2

Teri Johnson



Leo Roganowicz

Event/Patrol Sergeant


Scott Vincent

Patrol Sergeant

m west

Mark West

Patrol Sergeant


Lisa Hodges

Community Services Officer

Josh Kilo 1

Josh Strand

Patrol/K-9 Officer 


Deana Bingham


Adminstrative Assistant


Kilo 4




eaglewatchEagle Eye Watch Program

Rockford Park District police asks residents who live around a neighborhood park to keep an eye on activities and report any suspicious activity. Be alert and report vandalism, safety hazards, fires, crime, and undesirable activities occurring in your neighborhood parks.

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Path Etiquette

Rockford Park District police enforce rules of common courtesy to be used on all Rockford Park District paths and trails. These rules are designed for the safety and enjoyment of everyone using the paths and trails.

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone using the paths, please follow these simple rules of common courtesy:

  1. Slower traffic should stay to the right. Pass only on the left, and only when your line of vision is unrestricted.

  2. Please leave room on the path for others to pass. Single file is the best procedure for groups of people on busy days.

  3. If you walk your dog on a path, keep it on a short leash at all times. Always clean up after your dog. Some preserves and nature areas prohibit dogs, so check regulations.

  4. Please use the trash and recycle bins - don't litter.

  5. Bicyclists should always ride on the right-hand side of the path except when passing on the left from behind. A polite call of "passing on your left" can help warn others of your approach.

  6. Bicyclists should always ride under control and watch their speed.

About Us

Mission Statement: The members of the Rockford Park District Police Department will help people enjoy life by deterring crime and maintaining safe parks.

Patrols: The police department patrols all parks and facilities. They utilize several special vehicles in order to increase the effectiveness of their patrol function. In addition to marked police squads, the department deploys ATV's, bicycles, Segways, and snowmobiles to enhance their ability to patrol. Snowmobile patrols take place during the winter months. The police also have a Snowmobile Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.). This team responds to emergencies in 4 counties throughout Northern Illinois.

Events and Facility Security: The police department provides security and police protection for over 500 events a year. We station officers at most major facilities throughout the hours of operation for your protection and safety. This community-oriented policing has proven to be very successful in maintaining the high level of safety and security. Park Police presence keeps problems and trouble from developing rather than responding after something occurs.

Community Services: The police department has a crime prevention program called the "Eagle Eye" Park Watch Program. We also conduct many educational programs; call our Community Services Officer, Lisa Leombruni, at 815-987-8874 for more information about safety classes for schools and neighborhood groups and programs.

Educational Programs:

  • Snowmobile Safety
  • Bicycle Safety


For the Rockford Park District to be the best urban park and recreation system in North America, as measured by national standards and the citizens we serve.


To 'help people enjoy life' by providing a quality park and recreation system.

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